Home cooking, just the way you like it

About us

She learned early that fresh ingredients, patience, and soul was the key to preparing good meals. Her mother would say to her, ''Take your time and make it with care, and before you eat, say a prayer.'' These recipes and words of wisdom were passed on to Ella Rea and in turn they were passed down through generations to family and close friends.

Aem Upachak is the granddaughter-in-law of Mrs. Ella Rea Gray. Aem coming from a Asian-Pacific heritage was already a excellent cook in her native cuisine and was longing to learn how to cook ''Soul Food''. It was easy for Aem to catch on to the secret family recipes. With these two matriarch's, we are positive that you will enjoy the meals that are prepared for you with all their heart and soul.

Pierre, Ella Rea's grandson and Aem decided to open a restaurant and with the blessing of Ella Rea, Thus, ELLA EM'S was born. The only thing we ask is that you, ''Take your time and indulge with care, and before you eat, say a prayer.'' Thank you for your patronage, we appreciate it.